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ASP.NET is a free technology that allows programmers to create dynamic web applications – it can be used to create anything from small, personal websites through to large, enterprise-class web applications. 

ASP.NET AJAX is a free framework for quickly creating a new generation of more efficient, more interactive and highly-personalized Web experiences that work across all the most popular browsers and which is fully integrated with ASP.NET


Microsoft provides Expression Web for designers and Visual Studio 2005 for developers to build ASP.NET web applications; and with Visual Web Developer Express edition you can build complete applications for free.

The ASP.NET AJAX Control toolkit provides a rich library of UI components that you can use within your ASP.NET web applications – view the full component set online.


There are lots of online resources available to help you learn ASP.NET or switch from other technologies, such as JSP, ColdFusion and PHP.

Example Applications

View the online showcase to see example web applications built using ASP.NET AJAX.


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