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Microsoft Expression is a suite of tools that enables creative designers to participate in the creation of rich user experiences for the Web, Windows Vista applications and beyond.


The first release of the Expression products are now available:

  • Expression Web  (for creating standard compliant web pages, HTML, XHTML, ASP.NET, CSS)
  • Expression Blend (for creating rich user experiences using the Windows Presentation Framework)
  • Expression Design (for creating compelling visual assets for use with web and desktop applications)
  • Expression Media (for organising/managing media assets and creating video content for the web)

You can learn more about all of the Expression products at the Microsoft Expression website.


Expression Blend and Design in particular will be of interest to designers and creative developers who want to create compelling experiences using XAML, a declaritive language for creating user interfaces. Expression Blend hides the complexity of working directly with XAML, instead providing tools to enable the design, layout and production of rich user interfaces for Windows Presentation Foundation. Note: Silverlight also uses XAML to define web-based user experiences, but Expression Blend 1.0 is not currently optimized to create Silverlight compatible code. For a Silverlight enabled version simply download the Expression Blend 2.0 August Preview.

We’ve published some learning content, including tutorials, videos, example applications and virtual labs online, although at present the majority of content is focused on Expression Web. has 10 hours of training available:


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