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Category Archives: Expression Media Encoder

Microsoft Silverlight logoWe’ve just announced a public preview of a publishing plug-in that allows Expression Encoder to encode and publish Silverlight content directly to the Silverlight Streaming service.

You can download the plug-in directly from the Microsoft download section.

To recap, Silverlight Streaming is a content hosting service that has been launched by the Windows Live team (currently in Alpha). As part of the Alpha service you get 4GB of FREE storage which allows you to host Silverlight Applications including videos and unlimited streaming.

There are a couple of limitations on the videos that you can use during the alpha phase, the video can be up to 10 minutes in length and encoded at up to 700Kbps. When the service moves towards release and leaves beta you’ll still have 4GB worth of FREE storage and up to 1 million minutes of FREE streaming. Unlimited streaming will also be available for FREE with advertising, or with payment of a nominal fee for the service for use without advertising.

So what do you need:

Expression Media Encoder (Please note this now comes with a 180 day trial key!)

Silverlight Streaming Account

Silverlight Streaming Plug-in Preview (for Expression Media Encoder)

There’s also a plug-in for Windows Live Writer available here, (thanks to James Clarke for making it happen) that allows you to insert Silverlight Streaming applications directly into your blog.

This service will definitely be one to watch over the coming months.