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The Windows Live platform provides developers with access to services and data through open, easily accessible APIs. Incorporate maps, search, contacts and other information into your existing web applications to provide a rich, compelling online experience for visitors.

Windows Live Dev is the place to visit to learn more about the various SDKs and APIs that are available for developers to use when building online applications and mashups.


Some of the current and forthcoming Windows Live services are listed below:

  • Virtual Earth enables developers to incorporate both location and local search features into their Web applications by leveraging the power behind Live Maps, an online mapping service that enables users to search, discover, explore, plan, and share information about specific locations.
  • Windows Live ID is the identity and authentication system for all Microsoft online services. Soon you’ll be able to use Windows Live ID to develop identity-aware client applications that make use of this powerful technology and enormous user base (approx 300 million users).
  • Windows Live Search enables developers to programmatically submit queries to and retrieve results from the Windows Live Search Engine.
  • Windows Live Contacts enables visitors to use their Windows Live Contacts with your Web site – either to share contact information with your website or to enable users to see their contacts presence information and start Messenger conversations in the context of your web application.
  • Windows Live Expo enables developers to programmatically access the Expo classifieds listings database, a collection of location-tagged classifieds listings in categories like merchandise, real estate, autos, jobs and commercial services.

Example Applications

Take a look at the Start a Party and Crash a Party example applications to see how you can create a mashup using Virtual Earth and Windows Live Contacts.


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