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Xpertise do some great training on Silverlight 2.0 (with Expression Studio and Visual Studio). They have a course in December which has a special discount offer available for delegates. The course covers:

  • Describe the key features of Silverlight 2.
  • Describe the people, tools, and tool workflow associated with creating Silverlight experiences.
  • Create and manipulate images by using Expression Design.
  • Create Expression Blend projects.
  • Assemble and build a rich user interface by using Expression Blend.
  • Develop and customize media by using Expression Encoder.
  • Hand off design projects and graphical assets to developers.
  • Develop basic code in a Silverlight project.
  • Enhance the user experience by using keyboard interactivity, text effects, and ink.
  • Develop advanced animation effects.
  • Develop advanced media effects.
  • Publish a Silverlight application.
  • Customize the built in controls
  • Create custom User Controls
  • Create DeepZoom Silverlight Experiences


“Microsoft Expression Tools and Techniques for designing User Interfaces with Microsoft Silverlight 2” Course RRP = £1,400 (4 days)

o 1st delegate @ 20% discount = £1,120 for the delegate course place

o 2nd delegate booked on the same course from the same partner/organisation @ 30% discount applied to both bookings = £980 per delegate course place

Please contact or dial 0845 757 3888 to make your course booking


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