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Popfly is the first of a new generation of web tools that enables users of all skill levels to create or edit their own mash-ups for use within applications or to simply spice up their web sites or socials sites.  


Key Messages:

Popfly is a tool that enables you to easily build and share mashups, gadgets, and Web pages

  • Free Web-based tool built with Silverlight
  • Build applications using popular services (Flickr, Halo, Twitter)
  • Share your applications almost anywhere (Facebook, Live, Blogs, Web pages)
  • Connect with other creators

Why Popfly:

Add some fun to your Facebook profile, web site, or Windows Live Spaces page

  • Custom Games – Asteroids, Whack-a-mole
  • Quizzes, tests – Who’s more popular

Build a home page

  • Organization or Club site – schedule, photos, videos, roster, maps and directions

Mix and re-mix photos and videos

  • Take pictures from Facebook, Flickr, Windows Live Image Search, or Windows Live Spaces

Unify your online personality

  • Show what you dug on Digg, what you buy and sell on eBay, your Halo 3 game scores, and more

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