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Silverlight moved a step closer to release today as it moves to a Release Candidate version. Silverlight 1.1 Alpha has also received a refresh at the same time to keep both versions running off the same code base.

There’s no need to uninstall you old version just simply installer the RC1 and it will update the required files.

Please also note that this release is NOT 100% compatible with the Beta or Alpha versions that you have been using up to now – particularly the object activation model has been altered. But this is the last time we’ll break things! And moving forward there will be seamless transitions from one version to another.

Here’s the runtime itself:

Some tools for building Silverlight applications:


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  1. Actually, I just went through the upgrade procedure on Windows XP Pro SP2, but after running the RC exe installation file the 1.0 contents was not showing, instead the Get Microsoft Silverlight RC icon was indicating that there was a problem. In fact the fist time the installer did not prompt me to restart my IE7 browser, but I might have shut it down before (although some blog posts indicate it is not necessary). Then I located the entry Microsoft Silverlight in the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel console, removed it, restarted the OS and ran the installer again, folowed by the SDK installer, with IE7 open. This time I got the prompt to restart IE, so I did and the contents from both Getting Started under SDK and samples from forums demo page ran fine.

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