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Jon recently posted an entry about Expression Web and Expression Blend being included within MSDN Premium subscription. If you work in an agency which is new to Microsoft’s tools you might be wondering what an MSDN subscription gets you… so here is a quick quide.

In a nutshell, Visual Studio Professional and MSDN Premium subcriptions provide pretty much unlimited access to the latest Microsoft software development tools and server products.

Aimed at developers, an MSDN Premium subscription provides you with a version of Visual Studio 2005 (including software assurance for future versions during the subscription period), together with Expression Web and Expression Blend. It also includes development and test licenses for Microsoft’s desktop and server Operating Systems (Including Vista and the next release of Windows Server ‘Longhorn’), the Microsoft Office System, most Microsoft servers (including SQL Server, Sharepoint, Dynamics, etc) as well as 4 technical support incidents and access to the MSDN Library documentation.

A comparison of the different versions are available on the MSDN website. Visual Studio Professional with MSDN Premium would be a good place to start, with the UK price at around £1700* per developer. There is a host of different licensing options available and if you’re likely to need 5 or more you should check out which is most suitable for your organisation

For designers, we’ve announced that Expression Studio will ship in the 2nd quarter of 2007 and will also include Visual Studio 2005; the UK price for Expression Studio will be around £400*, with Expression Blend, Web and Media also available as seperate products.

* Note: please check with resellers for exact pricing.

Posted by: Andrew Shorten


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